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Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. starts the implementation of the IMO regulation on global sulfur cap of 0.5% on marine fuels

photo by: Krzysztof Kołwzan

On 1 January 2010, new requirements of the International Maritime Organization enter into force, which are at present the greatest ecological challenge for ships employed in international navigation.  
In accordance with the requirements of Regulation 14.1.3 of Annex VI to MARPOL Convention, from that date there will be a global limit for sulphur content in fuel oil used on board ships of 0.50% m/m (mass by mass).

Worldwide demands and global transition to low sulphur fuel supply of ship engines shall involve numerous technical challenges for the ship owners, crews and engine makers.
At once, the requirements will affect the investment policy of shipowners who, starting from 2020, have to choose either low sulphur operation of shipboard engines and boilers or the use of alternative means, such as shipboard systems for flue gas treatment – scrubbers, or installation of dual fuel type engines supplied by liquified natural gas (LNG).  

For navigation safety, it is essential to familiarize with problems which can be encountered during operation of ship engines and other machinery using new kinds of fuel and such knowledge should be popularized among ships’ technical personnel and supervision experts, not excluding class surveyors.  

The promotional meeting of the worldwide ship engines manufacturer – the MAN Energy Solutions Company, which will be held on 15 November 2018 (hours 9-11) in the premises of PRS Head Office in Gdańsk, perfectly corresponds with the subject of the above requirements.

The below presentations will be given at the meeting:

MAN Energy Solutions - new brand.  

Andrzej Krupa, MAN Energy Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.

New regulations, future fuels for 2-stroke propulsion plants.

Claus Vogel, MAN Energy Solutions SE

New trends and future of 4-stroke propulsion plants.

Rasmus Hedemark, MAN Energy Solutions SE

CRYO equipment as part of 4-stroke and 2-stroke package offer.

Anders Lidqvist, MAN Energy Solutions Sverige AB