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PRS authorized by the Greek Maritime Administration

On April 16th in Piraeus, the Ministry of Shipping, Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy of the Hellenic Republic and the Polish Register of Shipping signed an agreement which authorizes our classification society to perform statutory certification services of ships flying the Greek flag and their companies on behalf of the Government of the Hellenic Republic.

The agreement on behalf of the Greek authorities was signed by the Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard - Vice Admiral Stamatios Raptis, and PRS was represented by its Management Board in the persons of President Andrzej Madejski and the Board Member - Dariusz Rudziński. Mrs. Anna Barbarzak, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Greece, was also present at the signing ceremony.

Under the concluded agreement, PRS is fully authorized to act on behalf of the Greek Maritime Administration on ships flying the Greek flag.

During the ceremony, PRS President, Andrzej Madejski, emphasized that it is already 37th PRS’ authorization to act on behalf of maritime administrations.

We are pleased with signing the bilateral agreement with PRS. In our opinion, Poland, with its long-standing experience, has a well-established position in the shipbuilding industry. It is a country with a high level of technical culture, - said Admiral Raptis.

The Greek flag with the tonnage of registered vessels at around 43 million GT is ninth in the flag rankings. PRS is the tenth organization recognized by the Greek Maritime Administration to conduct surveys on its behalf.

We will do our utmost to maintain the highest level of safety on the ships we supervise - added Dariusz Rudziński, the member of the PRS Management Board. We have been present in Greece for over twenty years and we intend to remain as long as the local shipowners and the Hellenic shipping need our assistance and services.

Ambassador Anna Barbarzak mentioned a very important jubilee of the relations between the two States, namely the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Greece. The agreement that has just been concluded perfectly fits in the consolidation and broadening of these relations. We believe that the relationships between our two countries will remain exceptionally strong all the time - she added.