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Following the decision of PRS Management Board from 28th March 2019 on unification of PRS brand image we have the pleasure to present our new logotype that will soon replace our present logo:


Our previous logo accompanied us for over 60 years - it was introduced when Polish Register of Shipping was focused exclusively on the classification and technical survey of ships and other floating objects. Today we are in a completely different place. Although ship supervision is still a very important part of our activity, we also invest in the development of other areas, i.e. independent expert supervision in the field of industrial constructions, roads, bridges, transportation systems for fuel etc., certification and verification for compliance with EU requirements and ISO standards and also development and research activities. We are open to new challenges and systematic improvements of our services in every sector of the economy and to the evolution of our operations to international markets.

The new logo has been designed to be a symbolic bridge between our over 80-year history and tradition, and the essence of changes that have taken place in our institution over the past years. All graphic elements are very aesthetic and they greatly emphasize the individual character of every areas of our activity and the consistent raising of standards as well as the development of our institution.

The core of PRS brand is: security, unique and broad experience, high quality of service, cultivating tradition, sustainable development, guarantee of stable cooperation.

The design and graphic elaboration of our new identification were created by the company RDB Group from Gdansk. We thank the RDB crew very much for their professionalism, reliability, availability, and above all the individual and flexible approach, taking into account all the suggestions and uniqueness of our expectations.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our Clients, Partners and Supporters for all the years of cooperation and support shown to us - we hope that our contacts, also in the coming years, will continue to cement and develop our relations, and ideas that are very close to us will continue to connect us. Thanks to you, our difficult and responsible service is a source of satisfaction and pride for a well-fulfilled duty.

It will be our historical emblem, and will be used
at particularly solemn occasions, on the basis of a written consent of the PRS Management Board (after obtaining the opinion of the Organizational and Legal Department and PRS  Marketing Bureau) granted to a person who is interested in using the mark, on a written and justified request.

- in PL
- in EN - available from 14.05.2019


If you need to get additional information about image changes – please contact our Marketing Bureau:
by e-mail: nm@prs.pl
by phone: +48 58 75 11 - 140, 363, 297
Thank You!