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Recycling of ships - New Informative Publication

Development of the Inventory of hazardous materials for new and existing ships

The principles of ecological recycling of ships as described in Hong Kong Convention (2009), EU Regulation No. 1257/2013 and IMO Guidelines on ship scrapping impose new obligations on Shipowners, among the others preparation and updating, for the whole ship life cycle, an inventory of hazardous materials taking into account all potentially hazardous materials:

-          contained in ship structure and equipment,

-          operationally generated waste and stores.

Polish Register of Shipping offers a service of development of the Inventory of hazardous materials both for new and existing ships. Within this service, activities are performed such as: collecting and analyzing documentation, assisting in completion of documentation (e.g. from material manufacturers and suppliers), preparing and performing visual inspection or control associated with taking samples. PRS ensures maintenance and updating of the Inventory of hazardous materials, in accordance with the ship plan and needs and considering valid IMO and EU regulations, both during ship operation, construction and preparation for recycling.

A new approach for the issue of ship recycling, obligations imposed on Shipowners and procedure for the development of the Inventory of hazardous materials are presented in  Informative Publication No. 33/I – Recycling of Ships.

 The Application Form may be sent to relevant PRS Field Unit or to PRS Head Office (tk@prs.pl).