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PRS offers trainings on containers construction and services.

Polski Rejestr Statków provides the survey of containers under construction and in service since the mid-1970s. In 1979, the Polish Government authorized PRS to carry out surveys of all types and kinds of containers, in Poland and abroad.

Within thirty years, PRS surveyed the construction of over 100 000 containers for different clients in various countries – Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Lithuania, to name just a few, and provided container services for NATO. PRS has approved over 160 container prototypes, of all types and kinds.

Polski Rejestr Statków has developed its own Rules for the Construction of Containers and Rules for the Inspection of Freight Containers in Service. These Rules contain all international requirements relating to the construction and service of containers. PRS documents issued for containers comply with the requirements of the CSC Convention and are recognized worldwide.

PRS carried out numerous trainings on containers in different locations among others in the UAE.

With the above in mind, we offer you trainings on containers construction, criteria of container technical condition assessment and repair of containers. Trainings are performed by instructors with practical experience in the topics covered.

For further details please liaise with Jan Jastrzebski, tel. + 48 58 75 11 204, email: j.jastrzebski@prs.pl or Marek Kaszynski, PRS Dubai Branch Office Executive Director, tel. + 971 42 56 00 41, fax + 971 42 56 00 31, mobile (+971) 503 053 592, email: dubai@prs.pl.

We would be pleased to provide you with a commercial offer in response to your inquiry and to tailor a training programme to meet your company’s goals and priorities.