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Expertise and analyses of industrial objects

Basing on many years of experience and high qualifications of our employees, PRS offers the following technical expertise and analyses of technical objects:

●   assessment of technical condition of technical infrastructure objects,
●   estimation of market value of technical infrastructure objects and machinery,
●   technical expertise on causes and volume of post-failure damage in technical infrastructure objects.

Furthermore, PRS:

●   at the request of users performs periodical technical surveys of maintenance of industrial installations machinery operation on land and on stationary marine objects,
●   at the request of users or installations constructors performs periodical technical surveys of floating platforms and offshore units and issues relevant Certificate of Fitness for Sailing,
●   confirms fulfillment of repeatable quality elements declared by the product manufacturer by issuing relevant Type Approval Certificate,
●   provides expertise and advisory services as well as performs special surveys of hydro-technical objects construction.

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. also offers services related to supervision of financing and execution of investment projects, e.g. new and modernized industrial projects, if they are financed from external sources requiring guaranty, warranty or counterguarantee, such as:

●   advance payment received when the project reaches a proper state of readiness,
●   bank credit for the execution of part of investment project.

More information on these services is available here.