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Independent supervision by a third party (Consultant, Engineer/Independent Engineer)

Among other things Polski Rejestr Statków performs supervision of industrial objects construction and operation as an independent expert.

In 2005 – 2011 PRS S.A. together with WS ATKINS provided advisory services as Independent Engineer at the construction of A-1 Motorway, stage 1 and 2 (total of 152 km). The scope of basic services included among others:

–   monitoring of progress and preparation of opinions on construction and detailed design works,
–   consultations and advice to General Direction of National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) and Gdańsk Transport Company (GTC),
–   inspection of construction, materials, work execution and quality,
–   monitoring of construction work progress and quality plan effectiveness,
–   verification of monthly payments items calculations,
–   verification and preparation of general completion reports and final completion certificate,
–   preparation of reports for GTC, Minister of Infrastructure, GDDKiA and loan creditors on work quality and stage,
–   verification of construction documentation required for operation permit issuance,
–   acting as Independent Engineer during the motorway operation period.

Sample projects

A-1 Motorway