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Investor and technical supervision according to Construction Regulations

Acting as a supervision inspector is performed in accordance with Construction Regulations Act and basically comprises:

●  representing the investor on the construction site through monitoring the construction execution compliance with the design, construction permit, regulations and technical knowledge;
●  quality verification of the work performed and built-in construction materials and products, especially the prevention of using faulty or unapproved construction materials and products;
●  verification and acceptance of construction work being covered or temporary/auxiliary work, participation in tests and technical installations acceptance, technical devices, chimney ducts as well as preparation and participation in acceptance activities of the completed construction objects and initiating their operation;
●  confirming factual work, removing faults and, at the investor’s request, supervision of the construction costs.

Sample projects

Since September 2009 till February 2011 PRS S.A. acted as an investor supervision inspector in “Construction of small water power plant in Michałowo” – the project location was Michałowo stage of fall Michałowo, 38+600 km of the Nogat river.

Since July 2008 till 2010 PRS S.A. performed investor supervision of “Pelplin bypass construction (provincial road no. 229)”.