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Reliability and risk assessment

Polski Rejestr Statków provides operators of complex industrial objects including objects for mining, processing and transfer of oil and gas with:

●  reliability and risk assessment for objects in operation (including conclusions and description of possible repair activities),
●  reliability and risk assessment for objects in conceptual, designing or construction phase (including conclusions and description of possible repair activities),
●  basing on reliability and risk assessment – development of new systems or rationalization of the existing systems of technical manual instructions, management of repairs and modernizations and management of spare parts and machinery.

The a.m. development is realized with tailor cut software.

In our activities we focus on safety, reliability, readiness and economy of the object operation. We are based on knowledge and experience of our specialists proceeding in accordance with the quality management system.

As regards industrial objects, thanks to our software using mathematical methods of quantitative reliability and risk analysis, we are able to:

●    increase safety of people, infrastructure and environment,
●    reduce construction and operation costs,
●    optimize technical service and operational procedures.

Sample projects:

2009 – performance of operational reliability and risk assessment for SGT EuRoPolGAZ gas pumping station, together with assessment of spare parts and machinery management,

2011 – development of tailor cut software for planning and registering technical service in SGT EuRoPolGAZ gas pumping station.