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Technical supervision of floating objects permanently moored

Technical supervision of floating objects permanently moored i.e. floating structures unintended for sailing but for accommodation, office spaces, catering, hotel services etc. includes technical documentation approval and performing surveys and inspections, which result in PRS’ issuance of Certificate of Fitness for Sailing.

PRS technical supervision is performed on the basis of the requirements specified in:

●  Polish Norms (compliant with EN) on reinforced concrete structures, taking into account loads affecting the floating object hull or reinforced concrete pontoons;

●  PRS own Rules for the Classification and Construction of Inland Waterways Vessels – in the scope of:

    ●  hull structures made of steel or equivalent materials,
    ●  construction of superstructures and deckhouses,
    ●  hull mooring and anchoring equipment,
    ●  bulwarks and railings,
    ●  freeboard,
    ●  stability and damage stability of the object,
    ●  arrangement of evacuation routes from spaces,

●  technical conditions for buildings specified in § 7÷9 of Construction Regulations Act – in the scope of installations and equipment of superstructures and deckhouses,
●  decisions and permits from local authorities and media suppliers - in the scope of water and power supplies connections, municipal waste and sewage collection.




PRS Inland Waterway Vessels Survey Department is the coordinator for  technical supervision of the above specified objects. Any inquiries concerning their supervision may be directed to Industrial Supervision  Division (e-mail: dp@prs.pl) or directly to the above mentioned department (e-mail: ki@prs.pl).