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Statistical data

Statistical figures presented in this section are based on the data collected by Polski Rejestr Statków. They may differ from the figures presented by the particular regional Port State Control memorandums.

Detentions in 2016
     Detentions list

Detentions in 2015
     Detentions list

Detentions in 2014
     Detentions list

Detentions in 2013
     Detentions list

Detentions in 2012
     Detentions list

Detentions in 2011
     Detentions list

Grzegorz Ruszczyński
PRS Coordinator for PSC Affairs
tel. 58 75 11 188
fax.  58 346 03 94
e-mail: kp@prs.pl or Grzegorz.Ruszczynski@prs.pl; tel. AOH +48 603 160 938