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The principles for the use of PRS approval marks

The right to use the PRS approval mark is restricted to companies listed in one of the following documents accessible on www.prs.pl:
Approved companies to perform thickness measurements,
Catalogue of Approved Firms & Products,
On-line search of Catalogue of Approved Firms & Products.

Service providers and manufacturers holding a PRS approval document are authorised to use the above marks, as relevant, according to the following rules:

  • The approval mark can be affixed to commercial, promotion, and other documents or be used in advertising solely with reference to such scope of operation as specified in the scope of approval.
  • The approval holder shall identify the area of operation covered by the approval if the approval mark is used in ambiguous contexts.
  • If PRS approval is withdrawn or expires the approval holder shall refrain immediately from using this mark.
  • The approval holder shall not in any way amend the mark.
  • The mark may be reproduced in original colours or in black and white.
  • Approval mark colours:
    For print on glossy and chalk overlay paper:
    colour blue: PANTONE 280 CV or RGB (R=0; G=43; B=127),
    or CMYK (C=100; M=72; Y=0; K=18).
    For print on matt paper:
    colour blue: PANTONE 287 CV or RGB (R=0; G=56; B=147),
    or CMYK (C=100, M=69; Y=0; K=11).
  • Black and white approval marks can be used only in documents that in their entirety are black and white (including other logos and markings).
  • An approval mark my be scaled provided:
    – all its elements remain legible,
    – proportions remain intact,
    – the graphics are not disfigured.
  • The approval holder may not transfer the approval mark application rights to other entities.
  • In case the approval mark is misused in advertisements, catalogues, etc. PRS S.A. shall undertake relevant measures, including the option of approval withdrawal.
  • In case of any doubts in applying the approval mark the holder should contact PRS (e-mail: om@prs.pl).



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