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Conformity assessment of ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY – Directive 2014/30/EU


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Directive 2014/30/EU of 26 February 2014 relating to electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, shortly called EMC Directive, repeals the directive 2004/108/EC. The Directive requires that equipment should comply with an adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility, i.e. ability to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to other equipment in that environment.  It is one of the most important directives of the “new approach”.

Electromagnetic disturbance means any electromagnetic phenomenon which may degrade the performance of equipment. An electromagnetic disturbance may be electromagnetic noise, an unwanted signal or a change in the propagation medium itself.

Basically any product placed on the EU market that is tied with the electrical engineering or electronics and which may cause electromagnetic disturbances or such disorders can affect its operation, falls under the requirement of the EMC directive. The directive is not applicable to equipment which, by definition, is harmless in terms of electromagnetic compatibility. Also equipment covered by other EU regulations in this area, such as radio equipment and telecommunications and equipment installed in the aircraft, is excluded from this directive.

Polish Register of Shipping, upon notification no. 1463, performs  assessment of products conformity with EMC Directive with the application of module B – EU type approval. Upon assessment results PRS prepares a Conformity Assessment Report and issues a EU-type examination certificate.
Conformity assessment of a product carried out by a third party, in this case PRS, not only confirms the fulfillment of the essential safety requirements with regard to EMC, but also increases the reliability and competitiveness of the company on the market. In addition, acting on the basis of a code of ethical conduct, PRS guarantees full confidentiality of each process of product certification.

If you wishes to perform a conformity assessment of a product covered by EMC Directive according to module B, please send us completed Application Form for Product Certification (submitting application is not an obligation to use our services, it is only the basis to prepare our offer for your Company).

If you have any doubts or you wish to get further information on our services, we invite  you to contact us by phone or email. We will provide any information and explain conducted procedure of EMC conformity assessment – EU type approval.

We ensure reliable and competitive offer as well as efficient and professional service execution.




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