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Ship Surveys

The Polish Register of Shipping conducts classification and statutory surveys of:

–  sea-going ships,
–  inland waterways vessels,
–  sea-going yachts,
–  motor boats,
–  floating docks,
–  mobile offshore drilling units,
–  submersibles.

Classification survey covers:

–  consideration and approval of technical documentation for compliance with the requirements of PRS Rules,
–  survey of the construction, modification and repair of the above mentioned vessels,
–  survey of vessels in service to verify their compliance with PRS Rules,
–  class assignment, issuing and confirmation of the Certificates of Class and entries in the relevant Register book.

Statutory survey covers:

–  approval of documentation regarding construction, installation of equipment and compartments on ships for compliance with the requirements of international conventions and codes, primarily SOLAS, LOAD LINE, TONNAGE MEASUREMENT, MARPOL Conventions, COLREG Regulations, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions, EU/EC directives and guidelines as well as regulations of the Flag State,
–  vessels surveys and inspections for their compliance with the requirements of international conventions, codes, EU/EC directives and guidelines as well as regulations of the Flag State,
–  certification of marine environment protection installations, life-saving equipment and appliances, radio communication equipment, signalling and navigation equipment, fire protection equipment, fishing gear and lifting appliances,
–  survey of the construction and operation as well as certification of freight containers,
–  safety management certification for compliance with the ISM Code and ISPS Code,
–  free-board assignment,
–  ship tonnage measurement.

PRS provides these services in the form of direct and indirect surveys.
The direct survey is conducted through examinations, inspections and audits.
The indirect survey is conducted in the form of product certification, type approval of products and materials, manufacturing procedure approval, approval of industrial plants (manufacturing or repair), test stations, measurement laboratories, qualification verification of specialists working under PRS survey, e.g. welders if their qualifications have a direct effect on the technical safety of vessels.

PRS also issues and approves the documents:

–  authorizing the carriage of grain,
–  authorizing the carriage of dangerous and noxious goods,
–  regarding cargo stowage and securing,
–  regarding crew spaces.

PRS may also undertake technical survey of vessels under construction, modification or repair as well as the existing vessels which are not subject to any prescribed requirements. At the ship operator’s request, PRS may conduct technical survey in the contractual scope. As a result of such a survey PRS issues the Certificate of Fitness for Sailing or other document specified in the contract.

Any survey is undertaken by PRS following a written request.