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PRS Diving Team services

●    PRS Diving Team was established in 1978.
●    A unique service unit – the only such diving team comprising surveyors of a Classification Society – a member of IACS.
●    The Team of qualified surveyors-divers has many years of experience in underwater surveys of floating objects and hydro-engineering structures.
●    The Diving Team provides immediate post-survey interpretation of the survey results for compliance with IACS requirements.
●    Team surveyors specialize in survey of sea-going ships and inland waterways vessels, docks and other floating or submersible objects, hydro-engineering structures (including photographic documentation of wharf condition) and offshore installations (to a depth of 20 metres).
●    PRS divers carry out underwater thickness measurements of steel structures (certified personnel, calibrated measuring equipment).
●    The Team prepares descriptive, photographic and video documentation of the surveys, also for the needs of third parties.
●    The surveyors-divers hold approval certificates issued by other Classification Societies – including Lloyd’s Register and RINA – for conducting survey of underwater parts of ships.
●    The Team offers its services in the whole region of Northern and Western Europe.
●    The Team has the necessary permits and operates according to safety and hygiene at work management system certified for compliance with the requirements of PN-N-18002:2011.

Contact for PRS Diving Team services:

PRS Branch Office Gdańsk
80-750 Gdańsk, al. gen. J. Hallera 126
tel. +48 58 751 11 10, fax +48 58 320 21 99
tel. AOH +48 603 030 204
e-mail: gdansk@prs.pl

PRS Head Office, Ship Survey Services
80-416 Gdańsk, al. gen. J. Hallera 126
tel. +48 58 751 11 12, +48 58 751 11 07
fax +48 58 346 03 94
e-mail: ok@prs.pl